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General FAQ
How soon will I receive my download information after purchasing?
If purchase from our web portal directly, Please wait within 1-3 hours for the activation of your account. But if you do payment using credit card, the process will need more time because we need to wait for fraud review by credit card processor, this process will take 12-24 hours, please be patient for the fraud review process, we will activate your order as soon as your payment was approved by our payment merchant.
Can I cancel a purchase and get the money back?
We log all activities in Client area. If you have downloaded or filled the license for your purchased product then the purchase can not be cancelled and the money is not refundable. once our license has been activated.
What is our Refund Policy?
We do not  offer refunds because of a change of heart. That is not how prominent businesses are regulated.A change of heart is not a legal reason to return an item/service.
No Refunds:
•Refunds will not be provided for any subscription.
•We do not provide credit, Refunds or prorated billing for subscription that are cancelled at anytime, In such a circumstance you will have to continue to have access to your subscription for it’s a lifetime subscription.
•Subscription provider reserves the right to offer refunds, discounts or other consideration in select circumstances at it’s sole discretion.
Please note that each circumstance is unique and election to make such offer in one instance does not create the obligation to do so in another.
Will I pay a monthly subscription?
NO. You don't have to pay a monthly subscription. You can use the product as long as you have the files!

Product FAQ

What is an Expert Advisor (Trading EA) ?
An Expert Advisor (EA, Automated Trading Systems) is an automated trading software that automatically places, modifies and closes trades for you on your  Metatrader 5 platforms based on technical analysis calculated by the EA itself.so be able to make money while you sleep!

What is the risk involved in using our Expert Advisor (Trading EA) ?
We give you guidelines as to managing your desired level of risk involved on your account. When trading Forex, Stocks or Indices, there will always be risk involved. But our guidelines and Expert Advisor (EA, Automated Trading System) together will assist you in taking calculated, responsible risks.

What is the advantage of our Expert Advisor?
Our Expert Advisors is well programmed, extremely flexible and regularly updated to ensure a predictable and safe execution in your account. This gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of trading without having to place a single trade yourself! You will also be able to make money while you sleep!
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